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Let me introduce myself,
my name is Tony Gee and I love to Design.

This is where you would expect me to tell you about my life, how awesome I am, or why I'm so superior to other people in this line of business. I would enjoy telling you how I have wrestled grizzly bears 10 feet tall. Maybe you would like hearing how I started my own Fortune 500 company in my days as a young man. Even better is the story how I have found the fountain of youth while I was exploring the seven seas. The problem will be that you might not believe my awesome stories.

I will keep these awesome stories for the water cooler though. I'm just a person who enjoys Marketing and Design. At a very young age, my creative imagination naturally lead me to drawing, then to painting and on to photography. The next thing I know I've graduated high school straight into Emily Carr University of Art + Design. After receiving my degree in Communication Design, I pursued a career in advertising and I started working with Future Shop/ Best Buy Canada in 2003. I worked in various positions within this fast-paced company, starting with In-Store Signage Team, then Promotions Production, and now currently an Art Director / Graphic Designer.

On my free time I enjoy freelance design, I work with clients to develop marketing, web and print promotional material. David Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver Coastal Health and Amnesty International are a few organizations that I've worked with in the past.

My philosophy is to have a career that I'm truly passionate about and enjoy what I do best. That is why I am in a creative profession.

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